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1-3 Science

Suggested Age Range

1st grade - 3rd grade


14 Students

Tuition Fee

$375.00 for the year


55 Minutes

Course Description

This year we will use BJU Second Grade where we will have an introduction to each Investigation, Exploration, and STEM activity. Students have the opportunity to apply the engineering design process and foundational science inquiry skills to develop orderly approaches to problem solving.There will be scheduled readings and minimal homework will be assigned each week and checked in class on the due date. There will be a few projects to accompany learning along the way. There are no grades for this class as it is for the love of learning.

Tuition Fee: $375 for the year
Copy Fee: $50 Paid Directly to Joy Moody & Due on the First Day of Class
Required Text: Please note students need the printed student notebook and lap book


Mrs. Joy