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Science 4-6

Suggested Age Range

4th grade - 6th grade


14 Students

Tuition Fee

$375.00 for the year


55 Minutes

Course Description

This year we will study engineering and physics. We will learn about Isaac Newton and Thomas
Edison. Unit studies on motion, forces, energy, and more are planned. Students will have a few
fun at home projects to supplement the current topics.. This class is heavy with STEAM
activities. Age appropriate homework is required each week but there are no tests given for this
age group.

Tuition Fee: $375 for the year
Copy Fee: $50 Paid Directly to Joy Moody & Due the first day of class
Required Text: 
  • Elemental Science for the Grammar Stage Student Notebook
  • Basher Physics
  • Who Was Isaac Newton?
  • Who Was Thomas Edison?
  • Usborne Science Encyclopedia (2015 Edition)


Mrs. Joy