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Meet Our Staff

Joy Moody

Joy Moody is a native to Chesterfield County. After graduating Manchester High School she attended Virginia Commonwealth University where she earned a degree in Exercise Science.

She taught middle school at Salem Church Middle while also working in the fitness world. When her oldest daughter was born, she stopped teaching school to stay at home. She continued to work part time in the fitness industry teaching all kinds of classes. As time went on and her family grew, Joy and her husband, Greg, began to consider how to educate their 3 daughters.

The Lord placed a tug of homeschooling on their hearts. They said yes and began their homeschool adventure. This was an exciting calling as Joy has always had a passion for teaching. After many years as a homeschool mom, the journey has taken her places she never imagined. Joy has lived in Zurich, Switzerland where her family was able to develop a broader love of history, God’s creation and His love for people. They have traveled to many places and love learning about new cultures but have cemented in their hearts that there really is no place like home. Even after many years of homeschooling, Joy still gets excited thinking about how to make classes fun, interactive and memorable. She loves students of all ages and has had the enormous privilege of teaching at local co-ops. In her spare time, Joy loves to exercise, cooking, shopping with her 3 daughters and cannot have a day go by without playing fetch with her very happy goldendoodles.

Discover How to Register at Hope Academy

Hope Academy is looking to serve homeschool families in our area with engaging classes and fun activities to help supplement your educational needs. We would love to have you join us.

Homeschool Classes | Admission Open | Hope Academy
Homeschool Classes | Admission Open | Hope Academy