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1-3 Science: Science Chunks Year A

Suggested Age Range

1st grade - 3rd grade


14 Students

Tuition Fee

$375.00 for the year


55 Minutes

Course Description

This year we will do science by unit studies with topics on Plants, Biomes, Solar System, Atoms, Light, and Sound, plus a unit on Gregor Mendel. Science class is hands-on. There will be scheduled readings and minimal homework will be assigned each week and checked in class on the due date. There will be a few projects to accompany learning along the way. There are no grades for this class as it is for the love of learning.
Tuition Fee: $375 for the year
Copy Fee: $50 Paid Directly to Joy Moody & Due on the First Day of Class
Required Text: Please note students need the printed student notebook and lap book materials.


Mrs. Joy