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Art 4-6

Suggested Age Range

4th grade - 6th grade


14 Students

Tuition Fee

$375.00 per year/$37.50 per month


55 Minutes

Course Description

Students will explore the creative process, develop their artistic skills & experiment
with a variety of art materials. We will build on our learning about The Elements and Principles
of Art and Design; looking at our color wheel, value and balance. We will use watercolor,
graphite,color pencil, acrylic, chalk and oil pastels as well as a variety of other items to create
some beautiful masterpieces. We will also learn about some of the famous works and persons
in the art world.

Supply/Copy Fee: $50.00 per student paid directly to Kristy Wilson by the first day of class

Tuition Fee: $375.00 per year/$37.50 per month


Mrs. Kristy

Psychiatric Nurse | Kristy Wilson | Hope Academy