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History 1st grade – 3rd grade

Suggested Age Range

1st grade - 3rd grade


14 Students

Tuition Fee

$375.00 for the year


55 Minutes

Course Description

This year we will be custom tailoring a variety of social studies topics for the kids
to explore. We will take a hands-on approach while creating our social studies notebook. Topics
of learning are democracy and government, ‘what is it- why do we need it?’ We’ll look at
historical figures who have created things we just can’t live without! We’ll explore while we look
at some geography concepts… and while exploring we will look at some different cultures and
people groups. And we will also hit on some economics topics- goods and services, labor and
money, and the like. Throughout the year the kids will have opportunities to make topical
projects meaningful to them as well as present to their friends in class helping to reinforce things
*I will be creating and printing the textbook/workbook for this class. Therefore the supply and
textbook cost will be combined for the year.

Supply/Copy Fee: $70.00 per student paid directly to Kirsty Wison & due the first of class
Tuition Fee: $375.00 for the year


Mrs. Kristy

Psychiatric Nurse | Kristy Wilson | Hope Academy