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History 4th grade – 6th grade

Suggested Age Range

4th grade - 6th grade


14 Students

Tuition Fee

$375.00 per year/$37.50 per month


55 Minutes

Course Description

Journey through the United States to discover culture and traditions, God’s natural
wonders, history makers, history markers, science and technology, economic resources,
exploration, and industries. Elements include statehood dates, capital cities, state flowers, state
birds, and state nicknames. We will be using the MasterBooks fun passport curriculum. We will
have a hands-on venture through each of the states. We will have opportunities to taste foods
from specific areas and recreate artifacts along the way. All while we fill up our “Passport”
around the states.

*MasterBooks Passport to America book bundle required.

Supply/Copy Fee: $40 per student paid directly to Kristy Wilson by the first day of class
Tuition Fee: $375.00 per year / $37.50 per month


Mrs. Kristy

Psychiatric Nurse | Kristy Wilson | Hope Academy