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Suggested Age Range



12 Students

Tuition Fee

$875.00 for the year


180 Minutes

Course Description

This Kindergarten program is to help enhance your child’s foundation.
Kindergarten is very important and is the beginning of a child’s learning career. Each child has
their own way of learning and it’s important to help each child learn in their own little way.

We will use crafts, activities, and music to help keep each child engaged and make learning fun.

This program is to help your child learn and recognize upper case and lower-case letters, begin
to learn letter sounds, work on tracing, writing, learn number & counting. Learn to hold a pencil
and while doing all of this they will continue to work on their motor skills and social skills.
At the end of each class we will read a bible story and sing.

Learn the letters and sounds of the alphabet, recognize each
letter, learn the vowels.
Learn and recognize numbers, shapes, colors
Learn how to hold a pencil/crayon. How to hold and use scissors
(motor skills)
Trace and write their name
Fun ways to learn our Days of the week and Months of the year, Seasons

Tuition Fee: $875.00 for the year
Copy Fee: is a one time payment of $60 paid directly to Sonya Zapata and due on the first day
of class

Required Text: Please Purchase the following curriculum

  • Simply Good and Beautiful Math K – https://
  • Language Arts & Literature Level K – https:// 3)
  • Handwriting Workbook Level K – https://