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Meet Our Staff

Kristy Wilson

Psychiatric Nurse | Kristy Wilson | Hope Academy

Kristy was born and raised in Southern California, and moved to Midlothian VA in 2016. She has had a rewarding career as Psychiatric Nurse, working in both state and private hospitals and residential treatment centers. Kristy has a passion to serve those who are generally underserved, both adult and adolescent. She found the work challenging and rewarding. In 2006 she and her husband, Gary, welcomed their first set of twins. She set aside her career to fulfill her dream of being a stay-at-home-mom. Just twenty-six months later, their second set of twins were born. Then, surprise, seven years later, their 5th child was born and she was the best blessing the family never knew they needed.

Throughout the years Kristy has had experience in both private and public schools, and had the opportunity to homeschool on both the West and East Coast. After moving to VA the kids attended public school, and Kristy found herself co-leading an IEP/504 parent support group as she was finding ways to support their own children’s needs. She is a staunch advocate for special education and helping parents find ways to support their own children’s journey.

Knowing this was not the place to provide the support or education they wanted for the family, they rejoined the homeschool world and haven’t looked back. And given the option, all of Kristy’s children have chosen to homeschool.

Kristy has been involved in various Co-Ops in the area, in teaching, leadership and as the Assistant Director. Kristy loves all things art, design, fashion and anything creative. She loves getting her hands dirty from chalk pastels to refinishing furniture. Kristy is so excited to bring ‘all of the creative’ things to Hope Academy. With her passion for leadership, it is also her greatest desire to create a gospel centered community of families who want to be on the forefront of their own education, and strive to be around others that can support and build each other up.

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Hope Academy is looking to serve homeschool families in our area with engaging classes and fun activities to help supplement your educational needs. We would love to have you join us.
Homeschool Classes | Admission Open | Hope Academy
Homeschool Classes | Admission Open | Hope Academy